Vicky Klaassen


4 thoughts on “Vicky Klaassen

  1. Hi Vicky! Heard of the delay on Sunday. Hope all went well from there on. Praying daily for you. Delta Airlines had a big problem with their computers causing people around the world problems with 450 flights cancelled. Glad you got through.


  2. Great to hear how the Lord has moved already! Wow, the story of Noah with VBS would be great after the rain you had. That would be my thing – kids and VBS! Sounds like already the bonding of the the team has happened though I am not surprised at that. Continuing to pray and just knowing there are tons of blessings in store yet for both the people you are ministering to and the team!


    • was i ground or beans? My memory is awful. trip is going great. Lots of wonderful work done. Sooo tired but not very sore..great relations


      • Beans. Thanks. Enjoying the updates! WOW – so many people! Glad to hear answers to prayer for relationships to develop. Oh how I would love to be working with those kids. Since Dulce was adopted, they gave us Yahir but not sure of his situation – I thought there was a possibility of adoption or return to family for him. Praying for continued health, strength and blessings as you minister there.


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