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  1. Hi Sharon, How are you doing? I sure have been thinking about you & praying for you & Tim this past week. Tomorrow your group leaves to meet up with you. I hope you have had a good week preparing for them. I’m sure you worked hard.
    We are in the process of getting our house painted. The painters will return Monday to finish up. We’ve lived here 39 years this month & this is the first time it’s been painted. This house was roughed in when we purchased it. I think the paint job back then held up pretty well.
    Last nite we met a couple for dinner at Holland Crazy Horse & then enjoyed a concert at Kollen Park. It was a pleasant evening to be outside. We get together with this couple every year to celebrate our anniversaries as we were married a week apart in the same church we grew up. She is a nurse & the dr. she worked for closed his practice. She has been in this field for fifty years. They are a wonderful christian couple.
    This is the first time I looked on the web for Paradise Bound. I didn’t realize I could have contacted you before today & then maybe not. It may have just got out there, not sure how this works.
    A quote I recently read: O Lord, we all need they Holy Spirit to live in us that we might live for thee.
    Take care
    Elmer & Jan


    • Hi Sharon,
      After your teammates were delayed yesterday, I hope they arrived safely & are ready to go at it! That was a bummer, but hope it will all work out .This gave them time to bond anyway. I heard on the news Delta is having computer issues & delays all over the world today.
      How are you doing? Today hopefully all of you will be building the church/youth center. This is so exciting! Our prayer was answered as we met our financial goal—amazing. God is so good all the time. He is awesome & we are so grateful for the many blessings he gives to us. Praying for you throughout the day. Love, Jan


  2. Hi

    Sounds like your group has gotten into roof working & setting up for VBS the last 2 days. Hopefully the group has divided up into specialties & each person found their niche & will work hard at getting the jobs done. It’s a big task, but will be so wonderful when completed. That could be a lot of coordination with the big group.
    How are you & Tim doing? You are both hard workers & it’s great you can be of help to all those people. I’m sure they appreciate all you’re doing.
    Take care & stay healthy
    Love, Jan


  3. Hi Sharon

    Today is hump day, how are things going? From the note we received sounds like you had a lot of rain & had to drain water from around the church. Hope you had ” boots”. According to the weather we may get a storm Thur. p.m. & Friday. We could use rain, but don’t like storms.
    Have been watching some of the Olympics; incredible talent.
    May the Fruits of the Spirit be shown in you, I know you will.
    Have a good day


  4. Hi Sharon,

    It’s great to hear you folks are coming along nicely with the roof & VBS. I can just picture the kids being excited about the story Jonah & the big blow up fish!

    It’s going to be in the 90’s today with mucho humidity, but it’s SUMMER yet. Imagine it’s kinda of steamy there as well. Stay hydrated.

    Have a good day. Prayers are being said for you & your team.



  5. Hi Sharon,

    Wow, it’s Friday already. I hope & pray it was a good day for you. This had to be an exciting day for all of you to have families of the village come together for a lifelong commitment to Jesus Christ. What a beautiful sight that must be.
    It poured buckets here today. We had our granddaughters for the day & had planned on going to Tunnel Park for a picnic. We ended up eating our lunch in the car at the park watching it rain. So no swimming, but they did have fun at Crazy Bounce. We also made bread in a bag, they enjoyed that, too.
    Take good care of yourself.


  6. Hi Sharon,

    Saturday today– how are you? According to the itinerary you are working at the base & spending a couple of hours in Antigua. Later on in the evening you’ll have your final devotion time together. We’re praying that this is a meaningful time to all team members.

    Sunday, God willing, you’ll arrive in G.R. at 10:28 a.m. We’re praying for safe travels & no security issues. I imagine you’re anxious to get home. I’m sure you’ve had 2 busy weeks away & not counting your week at the GEMS Convention. It’s good to get away, but no place like home.

    I’ll be anxious to hear all about your time away.



  7. Dear Jan,
    You have been so faithful at posting on my blog, and I have not had much time to check it. What with so many team members, it was not always easy to get on. 🙂 Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts. We certainly felt them! It has been a busy and exhausting build.

    First off, Tim and I are fine! Thank you for asking. He is actually driving with two other staff members to take the team to their airport. We don’t leave until Wednesday afternoon, and will return at about 11:00 PM from Atlanta. We will pick up the pieces, put away the stuff that was left behind, and get some much needed rest. Last night we returned from the church dedication at about 1:15 AM. One of the vans broke down and had to be towed all the way home! Don Koetje drove the towed vehicle which was attached to a strap and another van. There are 3 4-wheel drive vans that are used to transport teams to the villages. Ours is the last team of the summer, so the vehicles and base needs some attention.

    I will take a shower and get some sleep. It takes over an hour to get to the airport, and traffic is just horrid down here! And the roads in some places are in very rough shape. I look forward to telling you all about the trip. Cherri Harder has been taking pictures of everything and promised to give each of us a CD with copies of them.

    Again, thanks for your faithful prayers and updates. I was a little worried about if we were getting rain or not. I have a friend watering and picking the vegie garden, and a neighbor who is watering my flower gardens. I expect it will all need major weeding when we get home! But this has been a fantastic experience, one we will never forget.

    See you soon!
    Love you, Jan. Sharon


  8. Hi Sharon,

    It was soooo good to hear from you. I’m glad to hear you’re ok other than needing much needed rest. I can certainly understand due to the fact all the work you folks have done. Thanks loads for helping to build a beautiful church for those special people. I’m anxious to see lots of pictures.

    We’ve been watching some of the Olympics, it’s fun to see the amazing talents. USA has taken numerous gold medals & way ahead of the other countries.

    We have been in the process of updating our house over the last year replacing all the flooring with laminate, painted all interior & exterior. ( We hired all this done!) I think we put the cart before the horse on the latest we decided to do. Now we’d like to replace our tub/shower with a shower & replace the linoleum in the main bath. We’ll have to retouch some painting in there probably. We really aren’t ready to move, so we’ll do what we have to do in the meantime. Always something to do if you’re a home owner.

    Meteorologists are talking about a substantial rain fall tonight. The forecast doesn’t show any rain on Wed., so hopefully you’ll have a good flight home.

    Our nephew planted 100 lbs of potato seed this spring. They are inviting us to a potato digging party Saturday. They will grill pork & the rest of us will bring a dish to pass. The pork is from the pigs they raised. They didn’t want their girls to get too attached to them as pets so they named them Sausage & Bacon! After lunch we will dig our potatoes to take home. Looking forward to being with family & filling our tummies & buckets–teehee

    Hope this was a good day for you & Tim.
    Love & prayers,


  9. Hi Sharon,

    How did your day go? Sure hope you got some rest before heading home tomorrow. No doubt you’ll find lots of stuff to keep you busy when you get settled in at home again.

    This Sat. is the Food Truck in Jamestown, we plan to help on the first shift.

    El had his 3 mo check up with the dr. today. He’s doing very well. Nov. will have his 6 mo with x rays, then should be good to go. He will start McKenzie spinal therapy this Thur. Most likely will be 2x’s per week for a month. He will start work again Sept. 6 with weight restrictions. Although it’s only been 3 months since his back surgery, but sometimes seems like a looong time. He’s so fortunate he has no pain other than the surgical healing process. The dr. said some people have pain for awhile. The therapy will strengthen the muscles in his lower back as it is difficult for him to stand for periods of time. That makes sense as their is no bones in that part of his spine now.

    I think of your sister with her lifestyle, we have nothing to complain about!

    Safe travels & prayers going with you.



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