Shane Boyson


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  1. Hi Shane,
    We want you to know how much your loved, cared for and how PROUD we are of you following God’s call to be on this Mission Trip.
    You are being prayed for everyday!!
    Our love,
    Mom and Dad 🙂


  2. Hi Shane!
    We just read your Team Blog and were glad you made it to your destination safely. Here is an up-date on Jersey and Jobe:
    They are having a blast fishing and catching them too, kayaking, swimming in lake and pool. Seeing lots of snapping turtles, eating well and having ice cream almost daily.
    They love this park as there is sooo much to do. It’ so nice to have Aiden and Elaine here and they are having a great time also.
    Hope you had a great time building and sharing God’s Word!!!! See you Sunday 🙂

    Love all of us!


    • Thanks Mom and Dad. this trip has been amazing, im glad the kids are having a blast! I have been on the roof laying a tin roof and today was the hottest day yet, we have to be done by Friday morning because we are having the dedication that day. I love you all and will check again Friday.


  3. Hello my Goose:) I have missed you so much! Sending you Fb messages everyday so you can read them when you get back in the states. Praying God speaks to you in a way he never has before:) everyday is getting better with the boys. Today was the best day yet! Love you


    • Hey Hun!!!! I Love you and miss you so much!!!! I cant wait to read them and be able to call you, God is working huge here. Im happy the boys are doing well. Friday is dedication day so thats going to be a long day. I love you!!


  4. Hey Shane!

    Praying your team will be the hands and feet of our Lord and that the people will see his love through you. I have been to La Reina twice. it’s a very special place to me. I can’t wait to hear the stories. Last time I was there, I befriended two young brothers, Elvin and Melvin (pronounced elveen and melveen). If you happen to come upon then, please get a picture of them for me.

    God bless,


    • Hey Ross!

      Thank you for your Prayers!! we have felt them everyday. God has showed up in so many was this week, we all cant wait for Friday (dedication day) to see God work in La Reina like he has so many times. They are expecting 1000 people Friday WOW!!! I will ask around for the two boys and try to get a pic for you!

      God bless,


  5. Babe!!! Your words made me cry so hard. I miss you! I miss your voice, your arms wrapped around me, and your prayers over our family. We are doing well. If I ask the boys where you are they say “lovin on some Guatemalaians”. Jersey and Jobe miss you as well, they said they have been praying for you:) thank you for being strong and all of our hero. Love you babe:)


    • This trip is a lot harder than i thought it would be with out you here! Until now i never knew how much of a rock you are for me!! I have been on the roof the first 3 days laying a tin roof then today Bruce and I have been running electrical in the ceiling then hanging lights tomorrow morning so we can see that night for the dedication. We are planning on around 1,000 people. Until next time, LOVE YOU!!


      • Hope the dedication day was awesome!! Prayed for you all day. Your my rock too! I can’t wait to squeeze you I miss you, your the best can’t wait to see you so thankful you went to Guatemala to let God work on your heart and grow your character more than it even was before! 2 more days! Call me as soon as you can! TILL NEXT TIME LOVE YOU!


  6. Hi Shane,

    I’ve been reading the Team Blog and I am happy to hear that everything is going well. Praying for you as you finish out the week with the dedication of their new worship center! What an awesome place you and your team are providing them with for generations to come!

    You will have to come visit soon with your newly expanded family!! So excited to meet your new sons and to hear your stories and see your pictures from Guatemala.

    Amy & Gary


  7. Hi Shane,
    We all love you here and are praying for you and I know that God is using you in a wounderful way!!
    We can’t wait to see you!
    Love from your family in Michigan/Illinois♡♡♡♡


  8. We have been reading the blog Shane and we are so glad God has used all of you to build a church for the people in La Reyna.♡
    The kids miss you and are excited to see you!
    Praying for safe travels home.
    Love, mom, dad, jersey and jobe


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