Muriel Smart


6 thoughts on “Muriel Smart

  1. Hi Ms Smart,
    So sorry to hear of the long travel ordeal you had to endure. I pray God gives you strength this week and know you will be a blessing to all.
    Take care,


  2. Hi Mrs. Smart,
    I pray God gives you an extra measure of strength every day . I pray you will grow closer to Tommy as he is a great man. I also pray you will be a blessing to all. Enjoy the great beauty you will see all around you . As i remember so vividly when i was there four years ago. Sincerly, Angie


  3. Muriel,
    I’m sorry to hear about your long travel day on Sunday! I was praying for safety and God delivered! I just KNOW that Tom is so excited you are on this trip and he loves that you are facing your fears and making this trek for him and for the families in Guatemala. THANK YOU for doing this! I continue to lift you in prayer!!
    Amanda Peterman


  4. Hi Muriel,
    I’m so excited you were able to go on this mission trip! I know you will have many exciting stories to share when you return. Praying you will have the strength and energy to endure each day in working for the Kingdom!!

    God bless and be safe!

    Tammy Wiers


  5. Hi Mom: I just realized that we can write to you on here! We are praying for you every day and proud of your courage for making this trip. We all love you!
    Randy and Jane
    Mitchell Sadie Elliott and Kendal


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