Kevin VanOordt


4 thoughts on “Kevin VanOordt

  1. Hey, VO! Just wanted to send you a quick note of encouragement. I’ve been praying for you like crazy, especially around 6:00AM Tuesday morning. Can’t wait to hear how God is working!


  2. Happy to hear your second day in La Reyna went well except for the water problem! You must all be very tired when you get back to the base! Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers! Stay well – stay safe!! So proud of the work you are doing!


  3. The church is looking great. So much work has been done with no injuries. And know illness either. Tomorrow will be a big day. First we finish building, then a med clinic followed by the church dedication. It will be a 12-15 hr day.

    Can anyone pass along a TIgers update?


  4. It sounds like you have had a very busy week but very productive! Praying today for all of the activities that will be taking place!! We trust that many will accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! We trust that Delta is up and running with no delays for your trip home!! The Tigers lost 3 games to Seattle and are now in Texas!! See you at the airport!! Love you and all of the work you are doing!


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