Kennedy Stevens


8 thoughts on “Kennedy Stevens

  1. Hey girly, I hope you been enjoying your time in Guatemala! I am praying for you each and every day and I know God is going to use you in such mighty ways and grow you this week. can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back! Thanks again for doing the favor for me and I know you will have amazing week!!

    Love you lots


  2. Hey sweet thing its Brielle! I love you so much and I know God has amazing plans for you this week, I hope that you have had an amazing experience so far. I am praying that you will really feel a sense of peace there and a big sigh of relief to be back home! I am also praying that you will find a sense of peace in knowing that the lord is doing mighty things in your life and I hope that you feel your calling while your there and that you really start to understand what the lord is calling you to do! I will be praying that you will shine your light to people all around you in every place that you go to (even though I know you will!)

    Love you so much


  3. Hi Bean! I’m praying you have a wonderful trip again. God has big plans to use you and the team and I can’t wait to hear about it. Love you so much and am so proud of you for following what God calls you to do.
    Love mom 😘


  4. We miss you too! So glad things are going well though. Have tons of fun with all those kiddos in the village and shine your beautiful light for Christ! Love ya tons!


  5. Praying for you this week and that God will give you strength to spread his word! Play extra hard with the kids down there! Miss that place like crazy (: love you
    ~Allison Kruithoff~


  6. Hey Girl! We have been praying for you. Hope you are enjoying loving on all those kids and showing God’s love to them. Can’t wait to hear about it!

    Love you!
    Aunt Carrie Doornbos 🙂


  7. Hey kenn!! Miss you so much girl. I really hope that you are having a great time on another trip. It’s so cool to hear what you are doing and in glad that you love doing it so much. Praying for safety and a good rest of your time in Guatemala can’t wait to here about it when you back. ILY Kenners<3


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