Erin VanOordt


5 thoughts on “Erin VanOordt

  1. Praying for you Erin! Enjoy your time with Austin and your family 🙂 Praying for the church build in La Reyna and your interactions with everyone you know in Guate! Love you sweet friend! See you soon 🙂


    • Hope everything is going well for you and Austin! Is it good to be back in Guatemala? We have 80 sets of silverware wrapped in a napkin and tied with a little bow!!! We love being able to help with the wedding!!! So proud of all you are doing for Jennri! Have another great day tomorrow! Love you both!


  2. Hello Erin and family (please share with all)
    I’m hanging with Gma VO after her first cataract surgery this morning. She did well. So we thought we would check out the blog. What fun to all be there together before your big day.
    We are keeping tabs on your trip and praying for you all and that God will bless your work there and that the people will see Jesus through each of you.
    Love and hugs,
    Gma and Aunt Karen


  3. Praying for you today and for all of the activities taking place! Did you work the health clinic? We pray that many will accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!! We will see you at the airport!! Say hi to Austin! Hope this week has been a meaningful experience for both of you!! Grandpa reminds you that the wedding is two weeks from tomorrow!!! We have finished 140 sets of silverware! It has been great for us!! Safe travels home!! See you on Sunday! So anxious to see Jenri!! Love you both!!


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