David Leonard


17 thoughts on “David Leonard

  1. yo my brother ! i have been thinking of you and the long journey you had. May you sleep well tonight and take in all that beauty around you. Say hi to dan for me .


  2. Thanks for all your prayers. We have had two really great building days, but I am more sore than I have been in a long time.

    Special note to Katie: Happy Birthday. I will be thinking about you on your big day.

    Love you all~


  3. Special note to Katie: Here are the answers to what you want to know:

    No, No, No, Nay.

    Because no one does that there, especially at that time.


  4. Celebrating today with Katie’s favorite pizza and cake. Planning to celebrate again when you come home 🙂 We are having a good week but miss you.


    • Sounds great–I hope we can have pizza and cake again. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.

      We had a third great day building. Roof is fully finished and we laid sod and built a floor for the stage. Way too much still do ; )


    • Susan, can you check my facebook pictures from Guatemala 4 years ago and tell me what is the name of the Guatamalan man that I am in a picture with. Thanks~


  5. HI Dave – got the cutest picture of Katie in the hammock before the potluck when camping. So glad to hear of God’s blessings already – many more to come as you know from before. Thinking of you all. Glad you didn’t have to travel out to a medical clinic in the rain!


  6. Glad to hear all the good reports, can’t wait to hear all the stories bro ! Having fun watching the Olympics and seeing all the medals america is winning . Blessings bro Angelina


  7. Hi Dave,
    Thursday already. Sounds like good progress is being made and the village kids are enjoying ‘VBS’. Hope you are doing well. Praying for you everyday!


  8. Thanks for your continued prayers and for your notes. We had a great day again, including a big rainstorm that allowed us to try out the roof to the new church. I spent most of the day learning how to do electrical things. Fortunately Tim was teaching me what to do and we did test one of the lightbulbs–it worked!

    Tomorrow is a big day. We will be finishing up the building, having a med clinic, having a big lunch for 1000 people, and having the dedication all in one day. All in La Reyna. Pray that this event draws a lot of people in and that they respond to the preaching. I came down with a cold this morning, so I would appreciate some prayers for strength and a quick resolution.


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