Day 2 building a church in La Reyna!

The sunrise was amazing from the base this morning at 5:30 a.m.   The team is awesome so many gifts that God has provided for each team member.  There was a torrential rain shower last night so that the stage that is not covered filled up with water we swept and drained it for hours.  The roof is almost done with the metal roofing sheets and then the cap will be installed tomorrow.  Landscape is coming along and will soon be planted.  VBS which starts everday approximately 2 p.m. story today was Zaccheus and we had supplies for 200.  The children love to sing, hear a story, and make a craft!   Praise God for this opportunity and continue to keep us in prayer!


1 thought on “Day 2 building a church in La Reyna!

  1. We are proud of all of you and your love for the Lord and your faithfulness in serving him in this place. We are praying for you daily and trusting that you will accomplish everything God has planned inspire of an obstacles. We love you. Keep serving the Lord. We can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.


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