Hello from Guatemala!

Hi everyone! We’ve had an eventful two days so far and are looking forward to what the rest of the week has in store for us!

Sunday was a much longer day than any of us could have anticipated, but good none the less! We ended up leaving Grand Rapids about 12:30pm instead of 6:05am due to mechanical issues with our plane…which bumped the whole day back by about 7 hours! We made it through as a group, getting rescheduled on the same flight and safely traveling to the base from Guatemala City. Everyone’s luggage came with and we all made it through security just fine!

Today was our first day out in La Reyna. Despite ending the day in rain, we had a productive day working on the roof of the church building and setting up/running our first day of VBS! We had over 100 kids come to hear the story of Noah with us and it was great. I wasn’t up on the roof myself, but from what I’m told it was a great day and lots of good work was done!

It’s getting late here, and after dinner and devotions tonight most of the team is getting ready for bed! We’re excited to keep working hard the rest of the week and to see how God is going to work in us and through us!

  • Team HPC

3 thoughts on “Hello from Guatemala!

  1. So glad ya’ll made it on the same flight and that your luggage got there. That IS truly a miracle!!!! Love you guys, Praying for you daily!!!!


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