Dedication Day!

A group of men went to La Reyna early to finish up electrical, paint, and the cap on the back of roof.  Tommy & Don both raised their hands in the air when the last screw went into the sheeting!  The remainder of the team stayed back to visit the orphanage and love on the babies.  We did a short devotion together and headed to the village.  Many quickly started sweeping and finished the planting.  The children love to watch everyday and many of the people from the village stop to watch.  I noticed an elderly man that stood for hours watching and I can’t imagine what he thinks of the size of the building.  We stopped for lunch and then set up for the medical clinic.  It was set up for 4 stations with Dan, Erin, Elena, and Yohana (nurses from Guatemala) accessed the families.  The line never seemed to go down approximately 200 plus families came through.  There was a great shout when the lights went on and provided light!  The band arrived and set up on stage and patiently waited for the clinic to finish.   There were 600 chairs brought in and set up many of the families sat down waiting for the service.  At 7:00 the service began with Darvin (minister of La Reyna), wife, daughter singing, and band playing many uplifting songs.  There was dancing in the aisles and arms waving praising God.  Many stood outside of the building along the road.  Hermano Jesus gave a powerful message you could see the Holy Spirit working throughout the building. A group of team members went up invited all the children to come up and they said the verse they learned for the week.  Then with enthusiasm they sang songs with motions.   A video was shown the team had brought it  showed when La Reyna started having homes built in 2010.  Followed by 2011, 2012, 2013,  I loved watching the people recognizing themselves in the video.  Dan went up and dedicated the church to La Reyna and presented the minister and family.  The team came forward to lay hands on them and pray for them.  It was an emotional time with hugs and tears.  Hermano Jesus extended and invitation to accept Jesus Christ, many came forward and the team members came up along side them laying hands on them.  Then dinner was served to approximately 600 with the team members handing out the meals.  Then end of the evening many still stayed with the children already sleeping.  The team headed back to the base at 11:00 p.m. it was a quiet night time to reflect on this awesome blessing.  One of the vans ran out of gas and had to be towed by another van so it was a slow time getting back but the streets were empty.   It was approximately 1:00 by the time we were able to get to bed.  Thank you for all the prayers we dedicate this day to our Almighty God!


The Best Thursday of the Trip

Today was yet another productive day here in Guatemala.  The metal shell of a building we arrived to on Monday is finally looking like the church we will dedicate tomorrow.  The day was full of landscaping, electrical work, painting, and many other tasks.  The beautiful landscaping really brings the church to life!  VBS was Rack Shack and Benny and the kids loved singing, dancing, and making their salvation bracelets.  Not even a heavy afternoon rain storm could stop us from doing the Lord’s work!  The kids wanted to show us where they went to school so we took a short walk over to the building to see where they were supposed to be 🙂 We look forward to tomorrow in anticipation of the great plans God has for us in La Reyna.  Please pray for open hearts and God’s blessings on our team and also the people of La Reyna!

The Guys


So today was yet another big day for our team. Once again, many things were accomplished. Finishing the roof and the base of the stage has put us ahead of the game. We also got much of our landscaping done around the church. Everything is coming together very nicely. The theme for our VBS was Jonah. The kids seemed to love the big blow up whale we brought along and had fun with the Jonah craft as well. The kids are also doing a very good job of learning the Bible verses provided and the songs, along with the motions, that we have been singing. We have definitely been praising God for the safety he has blessed us with while building and serving. We appreciate your support and prayers!!!

Day 2 building a church in La Reyna!

The sunrise was amazing from the base this morning at 5:30 a.m.   The team is awesome so many gifts that God has provided for each team member.  There was a torrential rain shower last night so that the stage that is not covered filled up with water we swept and drained it for hours.  The roof is almost done with the metal roofing sheets and then the cap will be installed tomorrow.  Landscape is coming along and will soon be planted.  VBS which starts everday approximately 2 p.m. story today was Zaccheus and we had supplies for 200.  The children love to sing, hear a story, and make a craft!   Praise God for this opportunity and continue to keep us in prayer!

Hello from Guatemala!

Hi everyone! We’ve had an eventful two days so far and are looking forward to what the rest of the week has in store for us!

Sunday was a much longer day than any of us could have anticipated, but good none the less! We ended up leaving Grand Rapids about 12:30pm instead of 6:05am due to mechanical issues with our plane…which bumped the whole day back by about 7 hours! We made it through as a group, getting rescheduled on the same flight and safely traveling to the base from Guatemala City. Everyone’s luggage came with and we all made it through security just fine!

Today was our first day out in La Reyna. Despite ending the day in rain, we had a productive day working on the roof of the church building and setting up/running our first day of VBS! We had over 100 kids come to hear the story of Noah with us and it was great. I wasn’t up on the roof myself, but from what I’m told it was a great day and lots of good work was done!

It’s getting late here, and after dinner and devotions tonight most of the team is getting ready for bed! We’re excited to keep working hard the rest of the week and to see how God is going to work in us and through us!

  • Team HPC